My Killer Commercial Demo - complete or in cool clips.

Whadya expect? Wimpy? Wussy? Whaaaa? Wrong website - wrong voice actor.
I'm like that truck. It keeps on...truckin'.
Curmudgeon? A little. "Cute"? If you're blind, sure. But I don't think things are "cute". Especially me.
But are things "funny"? Is the skill to screw several things up simultaneously really multi-tasking?
Is a day without sunshine like, well, night? Is a liar a politician who tells the truth?

"Mike Hanson. Wonderful human being! Incredibly talented. Golden Throat! Great Results. Personable. Creative...'Nuff said."

- Chris Tait. Partner and award winning musician, director @ Pirate, Toronto

Thanks Chris! Are you a liar?
Or a politician?
Whatev...cheque's in the mail. M. H. (Liar.)