Where is Wiseassery? It's a State. Of mind. Where a Wiseass VoiceActor lives.
Who is a Wiseass Voice Actor? Me. What does that say about me?
Well the interweb says (so it must be true) the top 5 things I do:  
​say things that are funny, facetious, flip, sassy and glib.
If your copy needs any of those things or all of them 
I'm your wiseass, um, voice actor.

There's this top producer guy in Toronto who thinks I bring all kinds of Wiseassery to the stuff he hires me to perform. Why not? It's won him some great awards like Marketing Magazine Radio Gold and other biggies over the years. Better yet it helps him get and keep great clients.

Why just the other day in a TV session at his well respected Toronto studio Vapor-RMW he said "When I first heard these scripts I thought of you". (It was the annual jocular Jingle Balls guide to help guys check their privates for testicular cancer without getting "distracted".Or arrested.)

After the session he added: "Thanks Mike...the perfect voice...".

Who is this guy and why does he think I'm ballsy enough to talk about one's nether regions? Ted Rosnick, Creative Director & Producer.
Who doesn't dream of voicing lotsa spots for an international chain of liquor stores
"nearby, open late and always on sale."?

With my brand of Wiseassery we helped the client win a Summit Award 2017 for a four spot pool of funny radio in the campaign "Last minute gifts".

North American Liquor Stores, headquartered in Edmonton AB, operates over 250 stores in Alberta, BC, Alaska, and Kentucky. Their popular banners include Liquor Depot, Liquor Barn and Brown Jug.

So far!

With Wiseassitude to boot too dude!

To go with my VO gigs for an 1100+ chain of hardware and building centre outlets.

Ooooh Tim The Toolman would be proud!

"Whoa! whoa! whooaaa!"
(He said, beating his chest and scratching his...well...never mind.)

While enthusiastically suggesting people "Park Happy!" near most of Canada's major airports.

We've been parking people together on national radio for over 4 years now.

I'm even writing some of the copy I read for them too. I feel so...needed.


Especially by the brilliant creatives and marketers at Wrigleys and their Toronto agency for world famous Skittles, BBDO. 

The fun started in 2010 when they created a Cannes Gold winning series where I did the VO on the "Touch the Rainbow" campaign.

More world class recognition followed and I'm proud to still be a part of it growling out commands like "%#&! the Rainbow" on TV and the web to this day.

...to go with my mattress chain, comfort food and... another booze client.

(Hmmm. See a just-the-facts-ma'am-and-lets-have-fun-thing happening here?) 

My "Wiseassitude meets Jack Webb" style pays off!

Delighted to continue voice over for this category busting national retail leader,
operating 224 corporately owned stores across Canada. 

Now into year 4 doing new creative running regularly, with a whit of wiseass-atude!
Gee, I wonder why they chose me?

Proud of the 2 US TV and 1 Radio national spots done not too long ago for Grey Advertising in
New York and their innovative Chicago-based client Mike's Hard Lemonade.

Yup. More booze. These spots were fun too. It just how we roll. Even the sour is sweet!

But No...I didn't buy "naming rights".

I did take a few refreshing swigs. For research purposes of course. All very responsibly. 

The Wiseasserist blushes, but shamelessly encourages the following sentiments, freely and truthfully expressed by a very smart person.

"Mike's exceptional talent as a voice actor is only usurped by his incredible work ethic.

I direct actors from all over the world.

Rarely do I encounter someone who merits as many kudos as Mike"

Director, CEO
Pirate Group Inc. Toronto

Co-founder and writer/director/marketer extraordinaire TERRY O'REILLY is an author again.

The creator and host of CBC Radio One's "Under The Influence" recently published THIS I KNOW. Marketing Lessons from "Under The Influence". It's brilliant!

I especially like what he wrote in my copy: "For MIKE HANSON, ONE OF MY FAVOURITE ACTORS TO WORK WITH!"  

(Even great writers sometimes end sentences with a preposition. So tell your grammar teacher to stuff it!)
3 years of "sooo gooding" and I haven't gained a pound!
OK maybe a kilogram, but what's some murky metric measurement when you're having fun? 

What a great gig with the very talented people at Grip Advertising and Imprint Music Toronto.
(How do they stay so slim? Hmmm. My body may be more Colonelific than theirs. Yes! That's it!)

We did 36 national TV, 8 national radio and 2 new media spots in that "so good" time!
The Wiseasserist plays well with others.

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